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The Master Class Series for the Innovation Universe is an engaging e-learning experience of the four platforms : FRAME, GENERATE, EMBED, and LEAD. The series offers over 6 hours of essential innovation content, over 500,000 quick pace and interactive frames of valuable material, stories, images, video, text, and models to help you lead your company’s innovation effort.
INTRODUCTION is an overview of the Innovation Universe using insights and descriptions of how companies can achieve innovation from everyone and everywhere. 
FRAME is the strategic mandate for innovation within your strategy.
GENERATE is customer-centered problem solving to create a cadence of innovations that customers value.
EMBED is renovating your company to become innovative  including adapting  culture and management systems.
LEAD is unleashing human potential to innovate and thrive in the innovation era.
NEXT gives practical examples for moving your company’s innovation to the next level.
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