Mobilizing Innovation Resources Out of Thin Air

Innovation practitioners know that one of the biggest problems, if not the biggest, with innovation in companies, is getting the people (and the corresponding time required) to work on the innovation. Innovation’s longer-term payout almost assures that resources will be allocated first to shorter-term problems. I don’t have the solution for resources, but I do have one idea that leaders in the innovation age should consider in a resource-starved climate. What if you could create resources out of thin air, much as the moisture farmers in Star Wars™ did to harvest water from the atmosphere of arid planets, such as Tatooine?

Looking for Answers in the Innovation Universe

To address this aspect of resource availability, let’s look within the Innovation Universe. The Innovation Universe has four interconnected platforms required to turn legacy companies into innovation powerhouses:

  • FRAME: Setting the Stage. FRAME is the linkage of innovation with your company’s strategic architecture.

  • GENERATE: Customer-Driven Problem-Solving. GENERATE represents the art + science involved in creating innovations, from concept to commercialization.

  • EMBED: Organization Transformation. EMBED re-engineers the company’s culture, systems, and standards to enable innovation to thrive.

  • LEAD: Unleashing Human Potential. LEAD represents the new leadership skills required in the innovation age to guide your company through GENERATE, FRAME, and EMBED.

We will be looking at the last one, LEAD, and the new skills and point-of-views required for leaders to succeed in the innovation era.

Out With the Old; In With the “Yes, And”