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University of Notre Dame I-Mentor Progams


 The Innovation Universe 

Creating Innovation from Everywhere and Everyone. 


FRAME: Strategic Mandate. The linkages between innovation and your company’s strategy.


​​GENERATE: Customer-Driven Problem-Solving. The art + science of creating innovations,  from concept-to-commercialization.


​​EMBED: Organization Renovation. Re-engineering your company’s culture, systems, principles.


​​LEAD: Unleashing Human Potential. The new leadership traits required for the innovation age. 


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Renovating Your Company for the Innovation Age

New Book 
Transform Your Company For the Innovation Universe
Join the dialogue between pracitioners to discuss front- line requirments for innovation. Click here. 

Dr. Nancy Tennant is one of the world's leading practioner, advisor, author, speaker and teacher on innovation from everyone and everywhere. 

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